Aogek USB Type C Kit, Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter, Type C to Micro B Adapter (5 Pack)


Aogek USB Type C Kit, Type 3.0 Adapter (3 PCS), Type C to Micro B Adapter (2 PCS) for Apple New MacBook 12”, Chromebook Pixel, Nexus, Nokia N1, One Plus 2 and Other Devices(5 Pack)

  • Ordered: 24 January 2017
  • Received: 26 January 2017
  • Link: Amazon Store
  • Sold By: Aogek

The Aogek USB Type C kit is an excellent kit to have on hand if you are the owner of a good  device that requires a Type C connection. What helps Aogek stand out from other manufacturers of Type C adapters is in their packaging. The kit comes in a relatively thick and sturdy plastic containers. The container has cut outs and cushioning that prevent the adapters from moving around whenever they are being transported. The cushions also prevent the adapters from falling out of the container and getting lost whenever they are in use.

The USB Type C to USB 3.0 adapters are aesthetically pleasing and feel like they are of good quality. The adapters easily snap into place and seem very sturdy when they are inserted into the USB Type C port of my Nexus 6p. However the USB Type C to Micro USB adapters are made of a flimsy white plastic. They easily fall out of the USB Type C port and I have already managed to lose one of them. This is really unfortunate because I tend to use the USB Type C to Micro USB adapters more often than I do the USB C to USB 3.0 adapters.

This is a great kit in terms of packaging and the quality of the Type C to 3.0 adapters, but the quality of the adapter I rely on the most seems to have been neglected when this kit was put together.


  1. Great Packaging (Compact, Sturdy, Portable)
  2. USB Type  C to USB 3.0 adapters are sturdy, fit snuggly in my phone’s charging port, and look like they are made of good quality materials


  1. Micro USB to USB Type C adapter appears flimsy and falls out of charging port



USB-Type C to Micro USB Adapter & USB-Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter


USB-Type C to Micro USB Adapter |USB-Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter, Tech2016 2 in 1 Blue Light USB-Type C to Micro USB Adapter and USB-Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter for USB Type-C Devices(Gold)*

Because USB-Type C devices are still relatively new and uncommon, finding places to charge them can be difficult at times. It is vitally important to have a few good charging adapters laying around the house when your device can only be charged using USB-Type C. Having a functioning USB-Type C to Micro USB adapter in a house full of older devices is also crucial. My husband repairs phones as part of his business, so we have charging ports everywhere. However we only have one USB-Type C adapter and now we have no USB-Type C cables because my cat decided to chew up the last one I had. For several months I have been forced to rely on and to carry around an old Type C Adapter in order to charge my phone. That adapter had become slightly bent and worn out from over use, so it was necessary for me to replace it.

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These adapters have a blue LED light installed on both ends that only turns on when there is power flowing completely through it.This feature has already helped me identify some issues with a few charging accessories I use. I was able to quickly determine that one of my longer cables had a short in it, because the blue light in the USB Type-C to Micro USB adapter has been flickering on and off again when the cable is moved or bent. My charging speed has probably been reduced due to the intermittent power issues with the cable. This may help explain why my phone has been taking such a long time to fully charge. In order to verify that the old cable was faulty, I switched my phone and adapter to a new cable. Since I replaced the cable, the blue light has remained steadily on proving to that my issue was caused by the cable.

I love my brand new adapters. It is unfortunate that they will never be able to fully replace the speed and function of proper charging cables. However they are definitely a huge improvement over the ancient adapters I had been using.


  1. New adapters are not bent or lose from overuse, so they will be able to maintain a better and more consistent charge for my phone
  2. The adapters add more versatility and convenience in charging the only USB-Type C device that is being used in a house full of phones and other gadgets that still need Micro USB ports and cables for charging and data transfer
  3. The adapters are more affordable than the cables
  4. The blue LED lights on both adapters indicate whether or not any power is running through them providing an easy method that can be used to troubleshoot and identity charging issues


  1. I have yet to use a USB Type-C adapter that feels like it fits correctly and/or tightly in the Micro USB ports and cables
  2. An adapter will not be able to replace the speed, fit, or full function of a good USB Type-C Cable


DISCLAIMER: I received the Tech2016 USB Type C Adapters at a discount. The opinions expressed in this product review are entirely my own and are not the views or opinions of any other third-party. I have provided this review at my own discretion and it is a direct reflection of my personal experience with the adapters that I received. I am under no obligation to write this review and I have not nor will I ever receive compensation for my opinions provided here, aside from the aforementioned discount.