LG Google Nexus 5X Screen Protector , Shalwinn [2 PACK] HD Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector


LG Google Nexus 5X Screen Protector , Shalwinn [2 PACK] HD Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google LG Nexus 5X

The strong point with this set of screen protectors has to be the product packaging. The container they came in provides essential protection and has to be one of the best I have seen … AND I have seen many different brands of screen protectors as the owner of a small smartphone and tablet repair business.

The screen protector was easy to apply and fit correctly on my Nexus 5X screen. It is made of tempered glass so it is thick. It has a glossy finish, but this does not create too much of a glare. 

Unfortunately shortly after applying the screen protector, I dropped my phone on a hard surface. The good part is it along with my phone case prevented damage to my phone screen. The bad part was that the screen protector cracked during impact. It is only a hairline crack and has not interfered with the functionality of the touch screen at all. Since the crack is only visible at certain angles, I have left it on my phone which has provided me with an opportunity to test how well it works, even when slightly damaged. I applied the screen protector to my phone in early October and damaged it around mid to late October. It is now early December and I have not replaced it with the second screen protector yet.

The upper corners of the screen protector are already beginning to peel away from the phone’s screen, which is a bit disappointing, especially because I do not believe that this has any relation to the crack and is just a sign of wear and tear. I had hoped the screen protector would have remained well adhered to the screen for a bit longer than two months. Of course until I test out the additional screen protector, I won’t be able to say for sure whether or not this is completely unrelated to the damage it sustained when I dropped my phone. 

All and all these seem to be decent screen protectors and they certainly have done what they were designed to do by protecting the screen on my Nexus 5X phone and saving me from the extra costs that I would have incurred had my phone screen been cracked instead of the screen protector.


  1. Does exactly what it is supposed to do
  2. Product packaging ensures safe storage of the screen protector
  3. Fits  correctly on my Nexus 5X screen
  4. Operation of phone not impacted even with cracked screen protector


  1. Corners peeling away from screen after only two months
  2. Screen protector cracked after dropping phone (a con only because I am unsure whether or not it should have withstood being dropped)