Aicheson Ultra Slim Laptop Cooling Pad Chill Mat


Laptop Cooler, Aicheson Ultra Slim Laptop Cooling Pad Chill Mat with 2 Heavy Duty Quiet Fans USB Powered with LED Lights

The Aicheson Laptop Cooler works very well and runs quietly. The blue lights are both aesthetically pleasing and let you know that cooler is working. It is powered through a USB connection to the laptop is what powers the laptop cooler. The nice thing about the USB connector on this laptop cooler is that it has both a USB In and USB Out connection on it, so it does not fully tie up the USB port that it plugs into the laptop. 

There are two major downsides of this laptop cooler. The first is that it is not very wide, so the laptops we own don’t fit completely on the cooler. This isn’t a major issue as the laptops still benefit from its use. The second issue is that the kickstands/legs are not very sturdy, don’t lock in place, and have a tendency to collapse.


  1. Nice looking with aesthetically pleasing blue lights
  2. Runs quietly
  3. USB Connector has In and Out connections, so the computer USB port is not tied up


  1. Not wide and works best with smaller laptops
  2. Kickstands are not sturdy and collapse very easily