Jamie ~ Is a lover of animals (especially cats). She has degrees in Zoology and Mathematics. After working in laboratories for many years, Jamie realized her true calling was working with data and computers. She has a love for the tech fields, especially coding and web design. She was a project manager at an aerospace company before having to take a leave of absence due to a debilitating chronic condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.She is now trying to learn to take things slow and enjoy the simple things in life.

img_20160920_020313_processedSpencer ~ Owns his own company (Repairs by GreatWyrmm) in the cellphone, computer, and personal electronics repair field. He spends most of his spare time playing with android devices, single board mini computers and micro controllers. He is a marine who has an extensive background working in manufacturing, particularly in manufacturing quality.



Spencer and Jamie have been together for over 11 years and are first and foremost best friends. They live together in Oklahoma with their four cats.They enjoy teaching each other, learning and trying new things, and listening to music.