LG Nexus 5X Case, Google Nexus 5X, Toiko [Invisible-Guard]


LG Nexus 5X case, Google nexus 5x, Toiko [Invisible-Guard].A semi-transparent,protective case made of two layers perfect fit for LG NEXUS 5x, LG H790,h791 Google 2015 mobile phone case (Clear)

​I have been using this Nexus 5X case for a few weeks now. The case is easy to put on the phone and comes in two parts. It has narrow bezzel like piece and a back piece that lock together. It offers a bumper around the screen to prevent it from getting broken if the phone is dropped. It also adds to the camera and flash and includes an open space for easy access to the finger print reader. It has been doing a great job protecting my phone from breaks or scratches. My charging cable goes in smoothly through the space provided by the case, but my headphones don’t seem to fit nicely in the slot provided. At times I have thought my headphones were in all of the way when they were not.

The down side of this case is the fact that is clear. If there is even a tiny bit of dirt on the case or phone it shows up really well and almost appears magnefied. Scratches and finger prints are also really noticeable because of the glossy/shiny nature of the plastic. The glossy/shiny nature of this case also makes it a bit harder to grip.

  1. Easy to put on phone
  2. Offers great protection


  1. Dirt & scratches highly visible on clear plastic
  2. Headphones cable doesn’t fit well
  3. Slick plastic doesn’t allow for much of a grip


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