Top Rated PokeBall Spice & Herb Grinder by Expert Chef


Top Rated PokeBall Spice & Herb Grinder by Expert Chef

The Pokeball Spice & Herb Grinder comes in a small and sturdy package. The grinder is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand and it is relatively light weight, making it very easy to use.

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The grinder consists of three parts.The base and lid are magnetic, while the center piece contains a screen and screws into the base.The lid and center piece contain the teeth used to grind up the spices and herbs. For the grinder to stay shut and work well all three parts of the grinder will only fit one way. The base has a small flat part that allows it to sit only one way on the counter or table.

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I love the look and feel of this grinder, but the size and weight of it may limit  how much it can really do.


  1. Design is nice, no flaws, and looks clean and shiny
  2. Smaller size makes it easier to manipulate
  3. Sharp, thick grinding teeth


  1. Small size and shallow base will limit the amount of spice/herb that be ground up at any one time



DISCLAIMER:  I received the PokeBall Spice & Herb Grinder by Expert Chef for free. The opinions expressed in this product review are entirely my own and are not the views or opinions of any other third-party. I have provided this review at my own discretion and it is a direct reflection of my personal experience with the grinder that I received. I am under no obligation to write this review and I have not nor will I ever receive compensation for my opinions provided here, aside from the aforementioned discount.


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