Eastalent Solar Lights – 100 RGB LEDs String Lights


Eastalent Solar lights, 10 meters, 100 LEDS,RGB,string lights for Christmas ,waterproof,suitable for Outdoor, Gardens, Homes and Party (RGB)

I was pleasantly surprised when I received these lights in the mail. When ordering this product, I did not expect a very high quality light set. What I received far surpassed any of my expectations. When unpacking and opening the package, I immediately noticed that both the LEDs and the cord seemed to be made of a sturdy and durable plastic. These lights both look and feel far superior to your average Christmas light.

In order to test the functionality of the solar power source, I stuck the lights and solar panel in a window sill to charge. Again I was completely surprised by the these little LED lights. The lights were running for well over an hour before I checked on them. Not only did the lights keep running for longer than I expected, they were incredibly bright and vibrant.

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Everything I received was in excellent condition. There were no lights out, the solar panel worked immediately and did not take long to charge, finally the controls on the back of the solar panel worked as indicated (On, Flash, Off).



  1. Materials appear to be great quality and.lights and cord look well sealed
  2. Bright, Colorful LED lights
  3. Solar Panel charges quickly and maintains power
  4. Arrived in excellent condition


None so far!

DISCLAIMER: I received the Eastalent Solar Lights for free.The opinions expressed in this product demonstration/review are entirely my own and are not the views or opinions of any other third-party. I have provided this review at my own discretion and it is a direct reflection of my personal experience with the lights that I received. I am under no obligation to write this review and I have not nor will I ever receive compensation for my opinions provided here, aside from the aforementioned discount.


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