D-Scope Pro Google Cardboard Kit with Straps


D-scope Pro Google Cardboard Kit with Straps 3D Virtual Reality Compatible with Android & Apple Easy Setup Instructions Machine Cut Quality Construction 45mm Lenses HD Visual Experience*

Visit D-Scope Pro Google Cardboard Kit & Injuring the Eye for an updated review and an aside on the possible dangers of this product!

We have been intrigued by the concept of Google Cardboard since we both heard about it. Spencer and I are both complete tech nerds, so we were excited to finally purchase a Google Cardboard Kit to try out.

The D-Scope Kit is comprised of thick sturdy cardboard, two sets of lenses (one set installed and one set remaining as spares), velcro straps, additional velcro to hold down the top of the kit when assembled, , and a magnet plus magnetic washer that set on either side of one of the side walls (used by the device as a button/switch).

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I tend to be less mechanically inclined than my husband, so I was a bit concerned about whether I could figure out how to assemble the product when looking over the instructions for putting together the kit. Luckily when the I began folding the kit, how the pieces fit together became really obvious. I state “luckily” because the instructions on the kit were both overwhelming and hard to follow. For someone who does not have an innate sense about how things to go together, the instructions for the kit looked more like untranslatable hieroglyphics than easy to understand instructions.

The kit itself comes together so smoothly and easily though that there is no need to spend much time attempting to translate the instructions.

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I would like to note that there is a QR code on the package that provides a link to “The Assembly Video.” If I had not been able to figure out how to put the kit together on my own, viewing this video would have been my next step.I am glad a video was included, but still wish the assembly instructions included words along with the pictures.



After the kit is assembled the user will need to install the official Google Cardboard Application and follow the written instructions that come with kit.


This includes following the instructions given by the Cardboard Application and scanning the QR Code that is provided next to the instructions and on one side of the assembled kit when requested. The information from the QR Code is used to ensure that the Google Cardboard Application is calibrated for use with the D-Scope Pro Google Cardboard Kit.



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After the application was set up for use, I placed my Nexus 5X (my personal phone) inside the assembled kit and held the entire assembly up to my face. After following the initial setup instructions shown in 3D and the demonstrations provided in the Google Cardboard App, it was easy to use my phone as a Virtual Reality (VR) / 3D viewer.


There are a multitude of applications available in the Google Play Store that can be downloaded for use with this kit. The available virtual reality applications range from landscape exploration apps and puzzle games to action games to home launchers to full movie viewers.

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Below the assembly instructions D-Scope Pro provided a QR link to Free 3D Apps available for both Android and iOS. There is also another QR Code that provides a link to a discount coupon.


I look forward to using my D-Scope Pro Google Cardboard Kit more extensively and am excited to explore the world of 3D/VR Images, videos, and games.


  1. Compact and sturdy packaging and material
  2. Assembly of the kit is both easy and intuitive, even for individuals who are not mechanically inclined
  3. Seller included a spare set of lenses (allows for easy repairs and increased product longevity)
  4. Assembled kit is easy to use
  5. Lots of apps available in Google Play Store


  1. Instructions in picture format are initially intimidating and could discourage a less adventurous consumer
  2. There is one spot (Step 6) where an adhesive is used to attach a flap to the side of the kit. After less than 24 hours the adhesive that came with the kit is not sticky enough to hold the flap up. Easily repaired with my own tape.

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DISCLAIMER: I received the D-scope Pro Google Cardboard Kit for free. The opinions expressed in this product review are entirely my own and are not the views or opinions of any other third-party. I have provided this review at my own discretion and it is a direct reflection of my personal experience with the Google Cardboard Kit that I received. I am under no obligation to write this review and I have not nor will I ever receive compensation for my opinions provided here, aside from the aforementioned discount.




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