RoseMyst Moroccan Argan Oil


RoseMyst Moroccan Argan Oil*

I’ve used some products with Moroccan Argan Oil in them, but I have never used the oil by itself. The RoseMyst Moroccan Argan Oil has a very light and pleasant fragrance. It is clear and thick, bur not too thick or heavy.

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The oil came in a thick dark glass bottle and was nicely packaged.

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I used it in my hair which is curly and tends to be very dry. Unlike some oils and serums, it did not leave my hair too oily. It did leave my hair detangled, less frizzy, and clean with a very pleasing smell. I look forward to using this oil more.


  1. Smells great
  2. Doesn’t leave hair oily
  3. Lightweight


  1. At the time of writing this review, none!


DISCLAIMER: I received the RoseMyst Moroccan Argan Oil for free.The opinions expressed in this product review are entirely my own and are not the views or opinions of any other third-party. I have provided a product review at my own discretion and it is a direct reflection of my personal experience with the oil that I received. I am under no obligation to write this review and I have not nor will I ever receive compensation for my opinions provided here, aside from the aforementioned discount.


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