LOFTEK 50W LED Flood Light


LOFTEK 50W LED Flood Light, RGB Timing Security Floodlight, Outdoor Waterproof IP66 Spotlight with Multi-functional Remote*

I really like this multi color flood light. It is simple, powerful and sturdy, and it is plug and play right out of the box. With only a little self education, you can be up and running using the full potential of this light.

The packaging is thoroughly designed and implemented. I could find no signs that undue stress was incurred during shipping.

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There are just a few very easy to understand instructions. If you can plug in an extension cord and operate a remote control, you can set up and use this lamp.



  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Stays cool during operation
  • Great color range
  • Multiple modes of operation


  • The light seems to become slightly unsteady or strobe when certain buttons are pressed but this does not deter from the regular operation of the light.


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DISCLAIMER: I received the Loftek RGB LED Floodlight at a discount.The opinions expressed in this product review/demonstration are entirely my own and are not the views or opinions of any other third-party. I have provided a product review at my own discretion and it is a direct reflection of my personal experience with the Loftek Floodlight that I received. I am under no obligation to write this review and I have not nor will I ever receive compensation for my opinions provided here, aside from the aforementioned discount.


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